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Kale Smoothie

Don’t even get me started on the word “man cave” but another of my linguistic pet peeves is the overused word “staycation”, even if that is exactly what lifted my spirits this past weekend.  It was an annual adventure with … Continue reading

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Book Club Blueberry Mojitos

I’ll admit, I was 100% inspired by the watermelon version of the mojito I had sampled recently at what is surely one of Ann Arbor’s best restaurants, when I decided that we needed these refreshing minty drinks at our upcoming book club.  … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

I had every intention of writing this post during my glorious three days off.   But of course, even though I have much to tell, life happened.  And I didn’t.  You’ll soon know why. First, merci mille fois to Ashley of … Continue reading

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Maple Blueberry Smoothie

Have you noticed that smoothies have been making a huge comeback lately?  Everyone from  Gwyneth to Bon Appétit magazine has been extolling the virtues of this ever popular blended beverage, combining ingredients such as chocolate and avocado or parsley and banana.  While those are … Continue reading

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Herbes de Provence Roasted Cashews

Christine and I hosted a mini “hotel party” last weekend.  I know, we’re not 17 anymore (and it’s not the 1980’s either).  Funny story actually.  Last year when Christine purchased her Christmas tree she entered a raffle, hoping for a TV … Continue reading

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The Deck on Island Lake

Christine’s deck overlooking Island Lake in Chelsea is the perfect setting for any sort of late afternoon summer party.  The lake is there, of course,  with its gentle breezes and occasional loon calls from some unknown corner.  The trees provide … Continue reading

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