C’est la Saint Patrice!

I don’t have a St. Patrick’s Day recipe for you.  And I’m Irish. And I went to Ireland last summer.  Lame!  I know.  I tried, though.  Earlier in the week I whipped up a Carrot Coriander Soup.  It seemed to be present on just about every menu last summer in Ireland and I enjoyed it more than once.   I didn’t follow a recipe, and, since I had more onion than carrot, and more wine than broth, let’s just say that is was tart. It was certainly edible, but it needs work. I can’t give it to you yet.  But I can give you photos of that heavenly trip with my dad. 

I can also tell you that tonight I discovered Provence in Detroit at the corner of Lafayette and Trumbull.  If you’re local, allez-y tout de suite!  There’s nothing quite like dining in the shadow of the Detroit Post Office on a Crêpe au Chevre et Épinards and toasted pinenuts alongside an organic side salad with the best vinaigrette this side of the Atlantic-sans doute a lovely surprise.  They even have a terrasse with a gurgling fountain. Très provençale.

This isn’t it.  This is the Fish and Chips from the Fishy Fishy Café in Kinsale, Co. Cork. It was delicious.



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12 Responses to C’est la Saint Patrice!

  1. Pat says:

    I like the photo of Ed and the countryside. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Pat (and I’m no saint)

  2. Liza M. says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s to you too Pat! Do you recognize some photos of Kinsale? Cheers!

  3. wendy says:

    what’s with all of these little Frenchie places opening in Detroit? love it, I’ll have to check out Le Petit Zinc;)

    • Liza M. says:

      Actually it’s been open for awhile. My dad told me about it a long time ago but yesterday I found myself needing a little bit of France. I took Juanita for her birthday. Maybe we can do an excursion soon!

  4. Maeve says:

    Happy St. P.’s! Wonderful pictures (esp. the peacock!).

    I’m intrigued by Le Petit Zinc too.

  5. Pat says:

    Thanks for posting that more photos were included. The village photos (some Kinsale?) are wonderful. Loved that town.

    • Liza M. says:

      Yes, they are mostly of Kinsale. The food pix also were all from the restaurant Crackpots, in Kinsale. Also, the village of Allihies on the Beara peninsula. I want to go back and recreate our exact trip!

  6. Thomas and I are currently planning our 5th anniversary trip and Ireland is now one of the front runners after seeing these pics. We’ve only been to Dublin and not in the countryside. Any standout spots you recommend?

    • Liza M. says:

      Absolutely! Anyplace in West Cork. Kinsale is a “foodie” town so you can’t miss that. Heading west, there’s Glandore, the Beara Peninsula (with Allihies and Eyehies, the two most colorful towns in Ireland) and Kenmare. You can fly to Shannon in the west if you want to skip the Dublin city thing. Gosh I love Ireland!

  7. S says:

    Love the goat!

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